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Welcome to Weak Wifi Solutions, your number one site for Powerline Adapters and Wifi Boosters to increase download speeds and reduce lag and buffering for wifi users. Anyone that is using wireless devices but some distance away from their router can use the devices we recommend to strengthen their internet connection and get the very most out of their broadband package.

This is especially useful for online gamers who need to have low latency (lag) to be able to play online smoothly. When they are using wireless connections a long way away from the router this can be a problem and we advertise a selection of devices that will help you get around this problem and give you the strongest possible internet connection from wherever you are in your house. Here is a quick snippet of a couple of Powerline Adapters below. Check out our wired and wireless products pages for more information.

Powerline Adapters Models

TP Link TL-PA4010 Kit Powerline Adapter
TP Link TL-PA4020P-Kit Powerline Adapter
TP Link TL-PA7010P-Kit Gigabit Powerline Adapter


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How a Powerline Adapter Works

Once both are plugged in the two adapters will “pair up” or “talk” to each other by sending data through the electrical wiring of the house. What was a wireless connection is now a wired connection and your device can now receive data and browse the internet as normal, receiving data through the two plugs which are sending the data to each other through the wiring.

Weak wifi continues to be a problem for some internet users, with the signal dropping out in larger homes especially, leading to deadzones and unreliability. See below for some key resources on the home networking solutions available to help with this.

Powerline products are an excellent home networking solution that can give a solid and reliable internet connection to a device even if it is at the other side of the house to the router, where the wifi signal before may have been weak and inconsistent.

In many cases a Powerline Adapter can give a connection strength and download speed that is as good or almost as good as if you were plugged in to the router directly with an ethernet cable. Perfect for online gamers and video streamers who don’t want 20 meter ethernet cables trailing all through the house!

How a Powerline Adapter Works…. in 2 minutes

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