Call of Duty Modern Warfare Keeps Crashing PC (All Fixes)

The remastered Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) game is hugely popular on the PC platform, but like most PC games, it has not come without problems and glitches. The Dev Error 6178 is quite common, though there are others as well.

The game does have a tendency to crash quite a lot for some users, so in this guide, we’ll run though all the known solutions to fix this error, especially if it seems to keep happening.

There is nothing especially groundbreaking about most of these tips – it’s mostly about making sure your PC is set up to run the game properly, and everything is up to date as it should be.

Here is a summary of the most common solutions if Modern Warfare 2 keeps crashing on PC:

  1. Reboot and play the game in Safe Mode
  2. Check for graphics/driver updates.
  3. Set the Priority of MW to High in Task Manager
  4. Close down Blizzard Agent in Task Manager.
  5. Try the -D3D11 Command Line Argument.
  6. Turn down in game Graphics settings.
  7. Turn off V-Sync for NVIDIA users.
  8. Disable In Game Overlays
  9. Stop overclocking your CPU
  10. Delete & Reinstall the game.

We’ll cover each of these steps will full how-to details in the following sections, plus some other more obscure solutions that users can try out.

Quick Fixes For Call of Duty Crashing Problem PC

Let’s firstly turn through some very quick, very easy, things to try to resolve the issue if Call of Duty Modern Warfare keeps crashing.

  • Close down any background programs using Ctrl+Alt+Delete and Task Manager, especially Antivirus software, plus Blizzard Update Agent if running.
  • Check for Windows updates (click Windows symbol and “check for updates”), plus game updates.
  • Try resetting your PC and the game.
  • If the problem has started recently, try deleting any other applications also recently installed.
  • In general, delete any large applications you no longer need to free up disk space and resources.
  • Try also turning off firewall and antivirus software while playing the game.

These are some of the obvious ones to try; now let’s move onto some more in-depth solutions to this problem.

Tip #1 – Make Sure Your PC Can Run Call of Duty Properly

This is the first thing to make sure of – that your PC specs are adequate to run the Modern Warfare game.

Check here for the actual minimum and recommended specs for running the game.

See also here for a nice tool from System Requirements Lab, that will actually test your current PC hardware and specs, to see if they actually meet the requirements.

It does require installing, but will carefully check over all the major components of your PC, like GPU, RAM, storage and so on, to make sure it can actually run the game.

If your PC doesn’t meet the minimum, or is right on the limit and can only just barely run the game, then this might be why it keeps crashing. Consider upgrading your specs, or combine this option with some of the other tips we cover, like turning down certain settings or not overclocking your processor.

See also the Adjusting In Game Options section further below for some other things to try to reduce the demands of Modern Warfare on your system if it is on the lower spec end.

Tip #2 – Check For GPU Driver Updates

This is another very common cause of PC games crashing – your graphics drivers especially are not up to date.

You can do this manually by visiting the links to the main graphics driver manufacturers:

and downloading the installing the latest drivers.

In fairness though, these providers also now often have in interface on your PC (like GeForce Experience) to automatically check for updates, since they are released quite frequently to fix bugs.

Make sure Auto-update is on for your provider and you shouldn’t have to worry about this.

Tip #3 – Make Some Task Manager Adjustments

This tip is really a combination of a couple of user submitted tips. There are a couple of things we can do in Task Manager to free up system resources to stop the game from Crashing.

Some users found that a specific process running in the background of their PC – Blizzard Update Agent – was overloading their GPU unit while also playing the game and making it crash. They found that disabling this process freed up some system resources and stopped this error. And while we are in Task Manager we can also make some other changes to help.

Here are the steps:

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and select Task Manager
  • Find the Blizzard Update Agent process
  • Click End Task/End Process
  • While you are there, also find the Call of Duty process (make sure it’s running), right click, select Go to Details, select the .exe game file, right click and set Priority to High. (for some users, Normal can be better as high uses too much CPU and can cause more crashes).
  • Also end any other programs that are running but you don’t need right now.
  • See if this stops the game crashing

Set the priority to High for Call of Duty, and close anything else you don’t need

Tip #4 – Try The -D3D11 Command Line Argument

This is another less known solution that has worked for some users. Here are the steps:

  • Open up the Blizzard application (
  • Select Call of Duty Modern Warfare under Partner Games
  • Select Options……Game Settings.
  • Check the box for Additional Command Line Arguments
  • Enter -D3D11 in the box (be sure to include the dash/minus sign at the front).
  • Click Done and see if this resolves crash errors.

This basically forces the game to run a different version of DirectX graphics settings, and can fix crash errors sometimes

Tip #5 – Adjust Some In-Game Options

This is another collation of some in game settings changes that different users have found stopped or reduced the rate at which the game crashed.

Here are some things to try (You are going to Options and then Graphics/Audio in the game itself):

  • Adjust some of the in game Graphics Settings to lower overall VRAM usage (the sliding bar at the top of the screen). Here are some things to try:
      • Change Texture Resolution to Low. (note: some users find having it too low crashes their game, in this case, try moving to medium or high).
      • Lower Shadow Map Resolution
      • Any other Graphics settings where lowering it also lowers the VRAM usage bar. Try to keep the total bar around 50% usage or less.
  • On the Graphics tab, you can also try changing the Display Mode to Windowed or Fullscreen borderless to see if that helps.
  • Turn Mic Recording Threshold all the way down
  • Try also not playing the game in Fullscreen; instead try playing in windowed mode.
  • Also make sure any updates/patches are fully downloaded and installed before starting the game, as incomplete updates can cause it to bug out.
  • Generally make sure the game is fully up to date before launching.

Lower whatever settings you can to move the VRAM Usage bar more the left

Tip #6 – Disable V-Sync (NVIDIA Users Only)

This tip only applies for NVIDIA users. Turning off V-Sync options can help with some users. Here are the steps:

  • Right click on your desktop and select NVIDIA Control Panel
  • On the left hand side, go to 3D SettingsManage 3D Settings
  • Select the Program Settings tab.
  • Select the default path – C:\Program Files (x86)\Call of Duty Modern Warfare\ModernWarfare.exe
  • Scroll down to Vertical Sync and set to Off.

Some users also find that adjusting their in game frames per setting (FPS) rate to match that of their TV/monitor (60 fps is common), plus this step, helped to stop these crashes.

This may result in some screen tearing, but can make the game at least playable.

Tip #7 – Disable In Game Overlays

This is another system resource saving tip that can help with regular crashes if your PC is being overloaded by the graphics demand, plus too many programs being open eating up resources.

Try disabling In Game Overlays for:

  • Discord
  • Xbox game bar
  • AMD Radeon overlay
  • Any other overlay that uses up system resources and doesn’t strictly need to be on on

Go to the settings for each program to disable it, either universally or just for Call of Duty.

Tip #8 – Run In Safe Mode After Crashes

This is highly recommended especially of Modern Warfare crashes a lot for you on PC. Often, when it does crash and you reload the game, a message stating that the game did not close properly last time, and asking if you want to start in Safe Mode:

It is recommended that you click Yes to this and start in Safe Mode, especially if your game crashes often.

Playing in Safe Mode automatically lowers down all your Graphics settings to try and make the game playable. It’s a shortcut, automatic way of doing some of the settings changes we suggested above, so Safe Mode is a good option if you can’t be bothered messing around with settings manually and you just want to play.

Also, when playing in Safe Mode, it is recommended to change your Display Mode in the in-game Graphics settings to Fullscreen Borderless.

Tip #9 – Stop Overclocking Your CPU

This is a more general PC gaming tip – overclocking or overworking your CPU can sometimes cause  games to crash. To stop this, modify your processor settings to stop it overworking.

Here are the general steps for Windows 10:

Go to Settings…..System…Power & Sleep…..Additional Power Settings……Change Plan Settings.

Then go to Change Advanced Power Settings. A list appears on the left; click on Processor Power management, and turn down the maximum processor state to below 100 if that’s what it is currently at.

Last Ditch Option – Delete & Reinstall

This is something to try if you have literally tried everything else and are still getting problems with Modern Warfare crashing regularly.

Firstly, you can do a Scan and Repair on your game. If you are on the Blizzard interface, then open it up, go to Options —- Scan and Repair.

If on Steam, go to Game library, select Modern Warfare, go to Local Files and select Verify Integrity of Game Files.

This will try to find and fix any file issues.

If this doesn’t work, you can simply try deleting the game entirely off your system and reinstalling it from scratch. Obviously this is going to take some time, and you’ll likely lose saved data and settings, but can be worth trying if nothing else is working.

This can also be a good solution if you keep getting dll errors like the ntdll.dll error.


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