Cue Streaming Affiliate/Referral Opportunity (On This Blog)

Cue Streaming are a fantastic newcomer to the TV/streaming/on demand market, with a great channel selection and very favorable pricing compared to many USA based cable/TV providers. They’re set to become much more popular going forward (why wouldn’t US viewers switch to them and save a bunch on their monthly TV/streaming package – they’ve got everything most providers have for much less).

That’s why I’ve created a page on this blog to advertize a great opportunity for US based current users of Cue Streaming to use the batch of content (about 30 articles) I’ve already created on Cue Streaming to generate some nice passive recurring income in, and also add to it and create a bunch more content going forward as the service goes in popularity.

I’ve already got started with some decent articles covering the basics, such as:

The content isn’t drawing in a huge amount of traffic just yet because:

  1. It’s newly published and can take a few months to be indexed and ranked by search engines
  2. Interest and knowledge of the Cue Streaming service is still not “mainstream” and only being promoted by a few influencers. It’s not being widely searched yet, but this will change though as the service’s excellent pricing starts to attract people over from their current providers.

Looking into the future though, it’s safe to say interest in Cue Streaming is only going to grow, so there’s a great monetization opportunity there with the content that’s already created answering common questions on the service.

So why haven’t I signed up for Cue Streaming to use their referral program? (you do need to be a member).

I haven’t done this for a number of reasons:

  • I’m based in the UK and it doesn’t seem to be available there yet (have reached out to them a couple of times with no answer)
  • I don’t even know if a UK channel selection would be available yet (again no answer from their Customer Support on this). It seems to be focused on US audiences who watch US channels at the moment.
  • I honestly don’t watch enough of any TV to use it anyway. I’m not a big TV person in general.

The content is there, I just can’t really monetize it that well yet, but someone based in the US who uses Cue Streaming and wants to promote it themself, could use my content.

You’d just need to add your own unique referral link, given to you when you signed up to the service, to the “FAQ” style content I’ve already created, for a great passive income opportunity.

How Does The Cue Streaming Referral Program Work?

Let’s explain how the Cue Streaming referral program works. Firstly, you must be a member of Cue Streaming to use your referral link (which is why I can’t really do it yet as not based in the US).

Here’s how it works:

  • When you sign up, you are given the option to sign up or become a ISA (choose this option on registration).
  • If you do this, you are given a special referral link you can use, which is usually in the general format, where the xxxxx is your own custom bit you put in there to personalize your link.
  • If anyone signs up to Cue Streaming via your own personal link, you can then earn first and second tier recurring commissions. Just add this link where you like, within to the batch of content I’ve created, if you decide to buy the site. Let’s break down each tier.
  • First tier referrals – Anyone who signs up directly using your link, you get $6 recurring credit/commission for each month they stay with the service
  • Second tier referrals – For anyone who signs up via the personal link of anyone who you originally signed up via your link, you also get $4 recurring credit/commission for each month they stay with the service. A great little bonus as most affiliate plans do not also offer second tier credits.
  • All commissions are recurring, so you get them indefinitely as long as the person who signed up via your link stays with Cue Streaming.
  • Commissions can either be used to pay for your own subscription, or paid to you as affiliate payments on a monthly basis.

This is really a great referral program that can allow you to earn some passive recurring income by promoting a great service that has a lot going for it versus conventional TV/cable providers, and is therefore a no-brainer to sign up for for people wanting to save money on their TV/streaming.

I’ve already got you started with some good “FAQ” type keywords that people looking into the service often ask. If you want to take the ball and run with it, consider making an offer to buy this blog.

See my other sales page for this blog for an overview of the other content on here, plus strengths/weaknesses/opportunities that are available. It’s not plain sailing and some content on this blog has been hit hard by recent Google updates, but it still has a good level of traffic, and the Cue Streaming content I just recently added in summer 2023 is a great passive income monetization opportunity for current US based Cue Streaming members to add their referral links to.

If you’re interested in making an offer, check out the Cue Streaming content I’ve already created, plus my other sales page, and reach out via our Contact page if you want to know more and/or make an offer.