Does ProtonVPN Have Servers In Texas? (Free & Premium Covered)

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ProtonVPN are one of the very best VPN providers in the market, with a good free and premium server selection, reputable brand, strict zero log policy, and fast speeds. They have excellent overall USA server coverage, but what about Texas specifically? Does ProtonVPN have servers in Texas? If so, where are they located within the lone star state? Do you have to pay for their Texas servers?

The news for Texans is pretty good:

ProtonVPN offer both free and paid servers in Dallas and Houston, with the Premium servers offering more advanced features like faster speeds, streaming support and P2P functionality.

In other words, you can even get an IP address in Texas from ProtonVPN without even having to pay, although there are advantages to Premium servers which we’ll go into. Let’s cover your main server options for Texas in more detail.

ProtonVPN Free Texas Servers

ProtonVPN’s free version is one of the best on the entire VPN market, as it offers a lot of US locations for free, Texas being one of them.

ProtonVPN offer a total of 10 free Texas server spread out across:

  • Dallas
  • Houston

The free servers aren’t specifically listed by location, but I’ve tested the current server list and here are the ones you need use for Texas server locations and IP addresses:

ProtonVPN free Dallas servers:

  • US-FREE#346016
  • US-FREE#420015
  • US-FREE#841006

ProtonVPN free Houston Servers:

  • US-FREE#101042
  • US-FREE#160041
  • US-FREE#203047
  • US-FREE#221043
  • US-FREE#279040
  • US-FREE#389044
  • US-FREE#410045

This server list is subject to change and only correct at the time of writing.

The free servers are also zero-logs and also unlimited use, meaning many users don’t even need to look past the free version as long as they just want an IP address in Texas. However, ProtonVPN do add the caveat that the free servers may slow down at certain times if they’re congested with a lot of users. They’ve always delivered decent speeds whenever I’ve used them though to be fair.

ProtonVPN Premium Texas Servers

If you’re wanting top notch servers from ProtonVPN with the fastest speeds and other features, you’ll need their Plus Plan subscription servers.

ProtonVPN do offer 20+ Premium Texas servers located in Dallas & Houston which offer some more features over and above the free servers:

  • Unlimited server use
  • Fastest speeds and no server congestion issues
  • Full streaming support (Netflix, Disney etc).
  • AdBlocker feature
  • P2P/BitTorrent support
  • Tor over VPN
  • More sever choice overall (servers in 67 countries).

Check out our article on the best Texas VPNs for more Premium options that offer more server locations within Texas. It’s pretty similar across the board, with ProtonVPN, Surfshark and Private Internet Access all offering servers in Dallas and Houston (VyprVPN offer a rare server location in Austin, TX is that’s what you want).

They’re all reputable brands that are going to do a similar job for you, but ProtonVPN are always an excellent choice as they’re a reputable brand that’s been around a long time, and their servers are fast and reliable. Private Internet Access offer the best pricing.

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