F1 22 AI Difficulty Too Hard After 1.06 Patch (Fixes)

The latest 1.06 patch for the F1 22 video game dropped recently, and there’s quite a lot that’s been changed (see here for full patch notes). The handling has been altered for sure, with slightly easier traction but slower and more sluggish handling overall.

But one thing that was apparent for many Career mode players in particular post patch was the difficulty of the AI seemed to be much harder than the (already pretty difficult) AI pre-patch. They seemed to have been bumped up in difficulty even more.

My first Career race at Brazil post-patch was a particularly brutal wake up call here. Before that, I’d just found the perfect AI difficulty level (88 for me), which made it a challenge but kept me in races. Now, I was getting destroyed at 88 AI difficulty, with cars blowing past me on the straights again as they had in the first few days playing the game when I hadn’t found the right AI level yet, and then leaving me for dust. Some YouTube F1 gamers had the same experience on their first race post 1.06 patch.

I dropped it down to 85, which was still too hard. Next race I’ll be trying 82, but even this might be too hard. The difficulty of the F1 games has ramped up the last few years, with F1 2021 being more difficult for a lot of players, and F1 22 being more difficult still even on Day 1. The latest 1.06 patch seems to have made it even harder. A lot of players are also complaining about understeer, which we’ve covered elsewhere (often related to overheating tyres due to running too high pressures).

In this quick guide we’ll look at some ways to fix this though, and get back to a difficulty level on F1 22 that matches your skill level post 1.06. In general, you might need to be prepared to reduce the AI level by as much as 8-10 clicks, but let’s run through quick and then more precise ways to find your optimum AI level with the new game version.

F1 22 Handling Changed (1.06 Patch)

What’s Going On With The Latest 1.06 F1 22 Patch?

The 1.06 patch was pretty significant, fixing lots of little bugs, but the car handling also changed in a major may.

Here are some of the biggest handling changes that have been noticed so far:

  • Traction seems to be a little easier to apply on the Medium TC setting especially.
  • Gear ratios, engine torque and revs seem to have been changed to allow easier car control on acceleration out of corners.
  • Overall, the cars are slower with the new handling, feeling more sluggish and “understeery” in corners especially.
  • Tyre temperatures are far more sensitive post-patch, with overheating in longer races far more likely if tyre pressures are set too high.
  • All Time Trial leader-boards have been wiped and reset to account for the new handling model.

So what’s going on with the AI difficulty post-patch then? Have the AI also been made faster in the patch, or have they been left the same, but the new handling is slowing us human players down, making the AI seem harder in relative terms? Is it a combination of the two?

It’s early days yet, with the patch only coming out yesterday, but it does feel as if the AI are faster in a straight line. For sure, human controlled cars are slower post 1.06 because of the more sluggish handling, which means we’re slower coming off corners versus pre-patch, but the AI speed still seems insanely overpowered on straights.

There’s nothing specifically in the patch notes about improved AI cornering or straight line speed, or traction. There is a vague statement about F1 22 vehicle performance “being brought more into line with the real season”. I think this more relates to the relative competitiveness of the cars versus each other in the general pecking order.

But people are very quickly finding they are getting destroyed by the AI when using the same AI level as before the 1.06 patch, even if it was fine before. Let’s look at how we can fix this and find the correct new AI difficulty post patch.

Finding The Correct AI Difficulty On F1 22 (Grand Prix/Career Modes)

Here’s my initial bottom line answer on how find the correct AI level after recent changes:

As a general rule, be prepared to knock down AI difficulty by 8-10 clicks on F1 22 after the 1.06 patch to get to roughly the same difficulty and competitiveness level you were at before the patch.

This is a big change, but the change in AI difficulty has been massive post the latest patch. If you found just the right level before, you’ll probably need to adjust it quite a bit with the new handling.

If you want to be more precise, you can actually use the Practice sessions in Grand Prix or Career Mode to test your pace relative to the AI and adjust the difficulty on the fly to find a new correct level that’s competitive for you (you CAN adjust AI difficulty between sessions in Grand Prix and Career mode – we’ll show you how in the next section below).

Here’s a general process for testing your pace versus AI:

  1. Do the normal practice sessions in your career mode, especially the Race Strategy program, at the same time and on the same tyre as your team mate does them (Or in GP mode, do your own 3-5 lap race simulation run and compare lap times to your team mate via Race Director).
  2. Race simulations runs usually get done in Practice 1 and Practice 2 on the Medium (yellow) and Hard (white) tyres. Qualifying simulation runs often get done in P2 and P3. Follow what your team mate does for best comparison.
  3. Compare lap times to your team mate on the same tyres (especially race runs). You can compare best lap times on the results page at the end of Free Practice sessions, and you can also dig in deeper into lap times on the Race Director tab on the menu. If you’re a lot slower, you need to lower the AI difficulty so you’re somewhere around the pace of your team mate.
  4. As a general rule, 1 click on the AI difficulty slider represents 0.1 seconds per lap pace, with 10 clicks representing around 1 second per lap pace. Therefore, if you’re around half a second a lap slower than your teammate, lower the AI slider by 5 clicks. If you’re around a second a lap off your teammate’s pace, lower AI difficulty by 10 clicks.
  5. You can adjust the AI difficulty between sessions in Career and Grand Prix Mode from the Settings menu (see below), so you can test and compare pace compared to AI and your team mate, and adjust as needed between sessions to find the correct difficulty for you as you go through a race weekend.

Adjusting AI Difficulty Between Grand Prix/Career Sessions

Some F1 22 players are frustrated more by the AI difficulty problem by believing they are “locked into” a certain difficulty level once they enter a race weekend. This actually isn’t true – you CAN change AI difficulty on the fly between sessions in a race weekend.

It IS true that once you load into a practice/race/qualifying sessions, you are locked into the set AI level and can’t change it during that session. But you CAN alter the AI slider between sessions on the menu screen.

Here’s how:

Click the Settings button at the bottom right of the screen on the menu screen you land on in between sessions in a Grand Prix/Career weekend:


Then go to Simulation settings:


Then adjust the AI Difficulty slider at the top (1 click equals 0.1 seconds AI pace as a rule of thumb).


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