Working IP Addresses For Popular Websites (No DNS Needed)


All websites and devices online must have a unique IP (internet protocol) address, but IP addresses also connect closely with DNS servers.

DNS (Domain Name System) servers translate domain names (eg into their actual IP address (eg., meaning that you can get to a website just by typing it’s domain name in, and not a difficult to remember IP address. DNS servers essentially work as a phonebook for the internet, mapping domain names to IP addresses to make online browsing easier.

Without them, you’d have to remember the unique x.x.x.x format IP address for every single website you like to visit to use the internet, so they are an important part of internet functionality. So what happens when they go down? You have to either find an alternative pair of DNS servers (see the section at the bottom), or use IP addresses directly, which is where this guide comes in.

We’ve put together a list of IP addresses for some of the most popular and well visited websites, so you can type these into any browser address bar of any device, and they should take you directly to that site, without needing to use DNS servers as a middleman “phonebook”.

Here is a summary list of working IP addresses of the some popular websites:

But now we’ll cover some more working website IP addresses, grouping them by different categories so you can find what you are looking for. Unfortunately a lot of big, well known and widely used websites don’t seem to allow access by typing in their IP address directly, but we’ll list the ones that do allow this.

Note 1 – It’s a good idea to literally note down any IP addresses of sites you will need regularly with a pen and paper, if there are global DNS outages and or you are not sure when they will end.

Note 2 – We added the qualifier “working” because lots of website IP addresses don’t seem to work when typed in. In other words, when you use a tool to look up a website’s IP address, and then try typing it in directly, you get an error page instead. Some sites also no longer allow direct IP access. I’m not sure why this is, but I’ve only included IP addresses that actually work and take you to the site.

IP Address of Search Engines

IP Address of Popular Email Providers

Unfortunately, lots of the IP addresses I pulled for other big email providers (Outlook, Yandex Mail, Hotmail) didn’t work when typed in directly for whatever reason.

IP Addresses of Popular Streaming Websites

Unfortunately I tried loads of others, but literally none of them work when using just the IP address. It appears that lots of them run off Cloudflare, who forbid access to sites using direct IPs.

IP Address of Popular Bank Websites

Here’s a list of working direct IP addresses for major banks in the English speaking/Commonwealth countries (unfortunately again lots of the IP’s for other big banks I pulled up didn’t work when used directly, but I’ve listed the ones that did work):

IP Addresses of Popular Payment Providers

Unfortunately, direct IP addresses don’t seem to work with Paypal.

IP Addresses of Popular Online Retail Sites

Unfortunately Ebay is the only one I could get to work – Amazon doesn’t seem to work using direct IPs, not other major retailers like Walmart, Home Depot etc.

IP Addresses of Popular News Sites

Again many major news sites don’t seem to work using direct IP addresses. However, here are a few that did work:

IP Addresses of Popular Technology/Gaming Sites

Again this is unfortunately thin on the ground, none of Microsoft’s websites or products (Xbox, Office, Skype) seem to load using direct IPs.

Taking a Screenshot Of This Page

It’s also a good idea to take a screenshot of this entire page and save to your device so you have an offline version of this resource, in case DNS outages are widespread and long lasting.

Here’s how to do this for major browsers:

  • FirefoxRight Click anywhere on the page, then select Take Screenshot….Save Full Page.
  • Chrome – Need to download the Full Page Screenshot app from the Chrome Web Store, or click the 3 dots Menu button in the top right corner, then click More Tools….Save Page As and save to your device.
  • Opera – Click on the Camera/Snapshot icon in the top right corner of the browser, then click Capture Full Screen and save to your device.

List of Popular Free DNS Servers

If an outage of DNS servers is global/universal, then there isn’t much you can do – you’ll have to resort to typing in a website’s IP address directly to access it, which is why we put this guide together.

However, if it’s just one particular DNS server that’s down (eg. your ISPs), or just a few that are down, then there might be alternatives you can try that will work, meaning you don’t have to type in IP addresses directly.

Here are some alternative public DNS servers you can try to see if you can get a pair that works if your current ones are not:

  • Google DNS – Primary Secondary
  • Quad 9 DNS – Primary Secondary
  • Free DNS – Primary Secondary
  • Comodo Secure DNS – Primary Secondary
  • Norton DNS – Primary Secondary
  • Open DNS – Primary; Secondary
  • See also the free DNS Benchmark tool, which will scan for working DNS servers to find ones close to you.

See our article on using and changing DNS servers to block/unblock sites for more information, including how to change DNS for all devices.


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