Latest PlayStation Network (PSN) Free Weekend Details (2023/2024)

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To play online multiplayer game modes for PlayStation consoles, you normally have to pay for a PlayStation Plus membership for 1, 3 or 12 months. However, a couple of times a year, Sony are offering “free weekends”, where you can play online for free, without even needing any extra memberships.

This means online multiplayer modes are unlocked for all games, and you enter and play in lobbies even if you don’t have an active PlayStation Plus membership.

In this post, we’re just going to list all these free weekends as they come up, so you know right away when you can get a free weekend on the PS Plus service, to try out online multiplayer for free.

Free PSN Weekend – 16-17th September 2023

PlayStation are offering a free weekend on PS Plus online multiplayer from Saturday 16th – Sunday 17th September 2023. 

This means anyone with a PlayStation console and decent internet connection can play the online modes for any and all games they have, free of change and without needing to purchase a PS Plus subscription, for this weekend. They offered one earlier this year in June, and now they’re doing another one in September.

The free weekend runs from 00:01 Saturday 16th to 23:59 Sunday 17th and is rolling in terms of time zone, so as soon as you’re in that window in your country, the free weekend starts.

These free weekends are a great way to test out online multiplayer modes you may not have tried out yet, or just to mix things up and enjoy some online lobbies if you’ve been playing offline for a while.



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