Solving Weak Wifi For Cyta, Cablenet or Primetel Cyprus

Weak Wifi Cyprus

Για να μεταφράσετε αυτή τη σελίδα στα ελληνικά, κάντε κλικ στο κουμπί “Διεθνείς πελάτες” στην επάνω δεξιά πλευρά της σελίδας

At Weak Wifi Solutions, we want to try and help as many people as possible around the world sort out the problem of weak wifi in the home, and in this article we will cover the main ISPs in Cyprus. The same tips apply if you are using any of the smaller ISPs such as Shortcuircuitonline. What options are there for solving weak wifi for internet users there?

Powerline adapters are an excellent home networking solution for the problem of weak wifi in the home, using the existing electrical wiring of the house to extend reliable internet access to all parts of the home. Wireless powerline adapters and wifi mesh systems are also available for people who need to browse on smaller portable devices.

Unfortunately Cyprus does not have the best reputation for internet services, lagging well behind the EU average in terms of average speeds and costs. Things have improved in the last few years though, with more access to high speed broadband from leading providers such as Cyta. However, average speeds still remain lower and costs remain higher than many other EU countries.

This is why it is important for many users to be able to extract the very most out of the bandwidth they do have on their internet package. Wifi can drop out over distance, further limiting the bandwidth available. Powerline adapters can be an excellent solution to this problem, delivering more bandwidth to devices even if they are some distance from the router.

Let’s look at each of the different solutions available to solve the problem of weak wifi in a little more detail.

Quick Tips For Solving Weak Wifi

Weak wifi can happen for a number of reasons, but the main reason is simply that wifi signals always tend to degrade and weaken the further they get from the router. See our article on the technical reasons for this. Thankfully there are some good home networking products like powerline adapters which can help with this problem and boost internet coverage around the home.

There are also some general steps to take which may fix the problem. Here are the common ones:

  • Move closer to the router.
  • Move the router to a more central location in the house if possible.
  • Reset the router.
  • Reset your device.
  • Use an ethernet cable instead of wifi if possible, for a stronger connection.
  • See our article on weak wifi for tablets and iPhones for some additional tricks you can try with these devices to solve weak wifi.

If none of these steps work then you may have to use some home networking solutions to get a better internet connection around the home. Let’s look at some solutions in more detail below.

Powerline Adapters as a Solution For Weak Wifi

Powerline adapters are a clever solution to the problem of weak wifi, using the house’s existing electrical wiring to send a stronger, more reliable signal between a router and a device. They consist of a pair of adapter plugs, one of which is plugged in and connected to your router, and the other of which is plugged in and connected to your device.

The two plugs then communicate through the electrical wiring of the house or apartment to deliver a strong, wired internet connection to your device, even if it is several rooms away from the router. They can therefore bypass the problem of weak wifi and send data over the copper electrical wiring instead for a better connection.

How a Powerline Adapter Works

TP Link TL-PA4010 Kit Nano Powerline

TheTP Link Nano TL-PA4010 Kit model is an entry level, best selling no nonsense powerline adapter model with just one ethernet port and no passthrough. Click here to view on Amazon. It will provide a solid, wired ethernet connection to your router using the existing electrical wiring of your house. See our full review of the product and our Powerline Adapters page. Our Product Comparison Table compares all the wired and wireless powerline adapter models at a glance by feature and functionality.


They are excellent home networking solutions that take advantage of the fact that copper can also send data as well as electricity. They allow a direct wired connection to your router, even if you are not in the same room, but you don’t have to run long network cables all through the house or apartment. This is important as wired connections are almost always faster and more reliable than wireless ones for a number of reasons.

Finding The Right Product

We have designed the product links in this article so users in Cyprus can hopefully find the right product from the right Amazon site. Firstly, we will link to powerline adapter products with the “G” version UK style plug, since this seems to be the wall socket most commonly used in Cyprus.

Checking out some forums, it also appears that Cypriot shoppers tend to get products from either the Amazon UK or Amazon Germany stores, comparing prices on each. So all powerline adapter product links will give you a choice of the same product (or a close match) on both stores so you can compare prices and delivery options. Some products are not stocked in the German store, in which case we link straight to the UK site.

Standard powerline adapters also only deliver a wired connection to devices. For users also wanting to connect wireless devices like tablets and iPhones, then a wireless powerline adapter is the product to use. These products have both wired and wireless features.

These are very similar to normal powerline adapters, but they also produce a cloned wireless access point in whichever room you plug them in. It is like having a new “mini” router in another room, so you can connect smaller portable devices to this access point instead of the main router for a better signal and more bandwidth.

See our page on wireless powerline adapters for pictures and links to these products. They look and work almost the same as normal powerline adapters; they just give you a wifi option as well as one or more wired cable connections to use.

See our Product Comparison Table for a list of all the standard and wireless powerline adapter models on our site. You can compare the product by the features they have so you can get the product you need for your house or apartment.

Modern powerline adapters tend to work very well with little or no interference and deliver a very strong and reliable connection. Problems are rare but see our troubleshooting page and also this excellent mini guide for help with any problems which do occur.

Wifi Mesh Systems

If you have a much larger budget and you really want to expand strong wireless coverage over a much bigger house or apartment, then Wifi Mesh Systems are another home networking solution to the problem of weak wifi.

Mesh systems consist of a kit of two or three nodes or pods, which are placed in certain places around the home to boost wifi coverage to all areas. They can deliver a strong signal in rooms further away from the router where may have struggled to get a reliable signal before.

You firstly plug the main node into your current router with an ethernet cable. This node will quickly connect with the wifi of your main router. You then need to download the app that comes with the product, as this allows you to set up the rest of the mesh network (names, passwords, etc).

Once the first node is set up you then place the other nodes around the home at certain points, where they can pick up the signal from the main node but also boost this signal to other parts of the home.

Netgear Orbi 2 Pod Mesh System


The Netgear Orbi RBK40 Mesh System is an entry level kit which will spread reliable wireless coverage for an average 4 bed, 2 floor property up to 3000 sq ft. Click here to view the model on Amazon. See our Mesh System page for links and product reviews for more brands and models of mesh systems which can cover larger properties.


The idea here is that the mesh systems allows for good reception everywhere for users on wifi, so you can now stream and download more easily in rooms further away from the router. They are elegant solutions which are completely wireless with no need for any network cables, if this is what you prefer.

The major negative to mesh systems is that they are very expensive products, costing several hundred dollars or euros. They are much more expensive than powerline adapter kits and only really recommended if you have a large budget and do not want to use powerline adapters.

They can be useful in very large homes where you need to extend wireless coverage over a large space, but performance can also vary, as it always does in wifi. Our conclusion is that in most cases, powerline adapter products can do an equally good job for much less money. See our article comparing wifi mesh systems with powerline products for more information.

Click here for powerline adapters, click here for wireless powerline adapters, click here for Wifi Mesh Systems to compare the different types of product.

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