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There is a growing demand for VPNs with servers in South American countries, particularly Brazil, Mexico and Argentina when looking at search trends online. What are the possible reasons for this and what VPN options are available with South American servers?

The increase in demand for VPNs in some Latin American countries is perhaps a reflection of the growing regulation and control of the internet by certain governments in South America, and more people are wanting to respond to this by ensuring their privacy and safety online is protected. VPNs are an excellent tool to allow this.

Whilst many VPNs are available with South American servers, we want to single out Vpyr VPN in particular as a very good service, with multiple servers in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and other Latin American countries. It is a service we have extensively tested and we will go into more detail about it further down below.

Vypr is our number one recommended VPN service both for ensuring privacy and safety online but also defeating attempts by governments to block and restrict VPN usage. We will go into the features of Vypr which allow for this as well as suggesting a few alternative VPNs for users wanting to shop around a bit.

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Internet Censorship Around the World

Internet Censorship Map


Selective Censorship Little or no censorshipHigh Censorship Very high censorship

Intenet censorship varies in intensity across the world (Image credit: Jeffrey Ogden, Wikipedia)

Growing Censorship in South America?

Brazil ranks as a country with selective censorship of the internet on the map, but dig a little deeper and you will find news of government of Bolsonaro clamping down more on freedom of the press and internet in the country.

A law was recently passed requiring requiring social media platforms to take down certain certain content deemed as offensive and defamatory, with the danger that this definition can be very broadly applied to anyone the government takes a disliking to.

In Mexico, we find a similar picture, with a new copyright bill being passed in 2018 that allows for removal of content and other restrictions on the internet. Activists warn this could lead to restrictions of free speech and loss of privacy for internet users.

Reports on Argentina are mixed with Freedom House arguing they are one of the better countries in South America as regards internet freedoms, but other sites expressing concern about laws passed in 2015 that could potentially be used to restrict freedom of speech and privacy.

The problem is the usual one of very vague and potentially broad definitions of the usual terms “defamatory, hate speech and offensive” to the point it could potentially include anyone with a different point of view from the government or the mainstream. People are also searching online for VPNs with Argentina servers so we included it here.

How Vypr VPN Can Preserve Your Privacy

Vypr VPN is an excellent option to protect your privacy and personal data online. A Virtual Private Network or VPN securely encrypts and protects your browsing traffic and also assigns you a new IP address, concealing your browsing activity and location from prying eyes and also protecting your personal data from being stolen and intercepted.

VPNs are an essential part of internet browsing for anyone concerned with online privacy and snooping and also anyone who is sending data over public wifi on a regular basis. Public wifi is not safe and so a VPN is strongly recommended for anyone using wifi in public places like cafes, restaurants, hotels, airports and so on.

Vypr VPN secures your internet connection with strong encryption protocols, making all your browsing activity private and protected. It has well over 700 servers in more than 70 countries worldwide, including servers in Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. Some other key benefits of Vypr VPN include:

  • Strict no logging policy for privacy
  • No use of third party servers. Vypr has their own servers for privacy
  • Unlimited bandwidth with no throttling or usage limits
  • Five different encryptions protocols to choose from, trading off speed for security as per your needs
  • Compatible with all major operating systems and devices like WIndows, iOS, Mac etc.
  • Multi device membership for widespread protection
  • Servers are reliable and fast. Vypr is known for having especially fast servers which deliver strong bandwidth for streaming and downloading.
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Chameleon Feature Defeats VPN Blocking

One propietary feature exclusive to Vypr VPN is their Chameleon protocol, which uses advanced software to defeat attempts by governments such as China to block VPN usage.

The Chameleon feature allows the VPN to mask itself and appear as something else, allowing users to circumvent the deep packet inspection policies of China where they attempt to stop people using VPNs through granular inspections of all data packets.

Whilst most countries in the world do not as of yet censor the internet as badly as China, control and restriction on the internet only seem to be increasing around the world and not decreasing. Vypr VPN is a good option to stay one step ahead of this and circumvent any attempts goverments introduce to block or restrict VPN usage in the future.

Other VPNs

We have focused on Vypr because that is the VPN we have experience using and have tested extensively. We also like the Chameleon feature, which is exclusive to Vypr and will defeat attempts to block VPN usage, making it a good insurance against increasing attempts to attack VPN usage by governments.

However, there are other good VPN services available, all of them having plenty of servers and IP addresses worldwide and all doing pretty much the same job of masking your real IP address and location and encrypting all your browsing data for extra security and privacy.

We have embedded a table of Vypr VPN plus three additional popular VPN service below so you can compare features and prices. See our article on VPNs for security and for more details on the TunnelBear and NordVPN products.

VPNs With Servers in South America

ProviderPrice (12 months paid in advance)Number of servers/countriesNumber of Devices AllowedServers in Brazil, Mexico and Argentina?
Vypr VPN$5/month700+/70+3Yes
Express VPN$8.32/month1700+/943Yes
Tunnelbear$5.00/month20/205Brazil and Mexico only

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