Want to Start Your Own Blog?

Build Own Blog

If you want to monetize your interests and passion and create a niche website or blog, there has never been a better time to start. There are a whole host of free resources online now which can help you get started.

WP Eagle and Income School are two fantastic Youtube channels with all the guidance you need to start a passive income niche blog. This video from Alex at WP Eagle is a great tutorial with all the steps needed to set up website for a beginner, taking you through getting the hosting, installing WordPress and adding content.

The two main things you need to pay for are domain names and hosting. Everything else about building a niche site, including themes and images, can theoretically be done for free, though plenty of paid options available to make the process easier and slicker.

Domain names can be purchased from a domain registrar. GoDaddy is the most popular for this. This is the name of your website and you effectively rent the use if it for a period of time into the future, from one to ten years.

For hosting we recommend one of two main companies, Hostgator and Bluehost. Both offer high quality, reliable hosting from just a few dollars a month. You get better value for money the longer term you can buy the hosting for. Check the affiliate links below.

Once your domain is purchased and hosting and WordPress are installed (all major hosts offer a free 1 click install of WordPress), the it is a case of installing a free or paid theme and building your site. Astra and GeneratePress are two highly recommended themes which have free versions, and many more paid themes like Divi are also available.