Where Does NordVPN Have (And Not Have) Servers?

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NordVPN is one of the most popular and long standing Premium VPN services, but where exactly does it have servers? And which cities are available in the countries where it does have servers?

In this guide we’ll aim to provide as much detail and precision as possible on where exactly NordVPN’s servers are located, so readers can decide if it’s the service for them.

Here is a bottom line summary answer:

NordVPN has approximately 5500 servers in total in 60 countries, with North America, The UK, Europe and Australia especially well covered for country, server and location choice. The USA is particularly well represented, with 1970+ servers in 15 different cities.

However, we’ll break the topic down into much more detail, examining in detail all the server locations of NordVPN, and also notable countries where it doesn’t currently have servers, before comparing it’s server choice to some other VPN’s.

A Complete List Of NordVPN Servers By Country & Region

Here’s a complete list of all 60 countries where NordVPN currently offers servers, broken down into regions for easier reading:

  • USA – 15 cities
  • Canada – 3 cities
  • UK
  • Australia – 5 cities
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • Europe – Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Moldova, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine
  • Central/South America – Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Chile.
  • Far East – Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand.
  • Middle East – India, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Turkey

A Breakdown Of NordVPN Server And Location Choice in All Countries

Let’s drill down in more detail into the exact locations and servers offered by NordVPN in some of the bigger English speaking countries with more customers – USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand – plus major European countries and Central/South America. We’ll then list all the other countries where NordVPN also has servers, so you’re completely covered.

  • USA – 1970+ servers in 15 cities – Atlanta (GA), Buffalo (NY), Charlotte (NC), Chicago (IL), Dallas (TX), Denver (CO), Los Angeles (CA), New Jersey (NJ), Miami (FL), New York (NY), Phoenix (AZ), Salt Lake City (UT), San Francisco (CA), San Jose (CA), Seattle (WA), Manassas (VA)
  • UK – 440+ servers in London only.
  • Canada – 480+ servers in 3 cities – Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto
  • Australia – 190+ servers in 5 cities – Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane.
  • New Zealand – 20+ servers in Auckland only.
  • France – 230+ servers in 2 cities – Paris and Marseille
  • Germany – 230+ servers in 2 cities – Berlin and Frankfurt
  • Italy – 60+ servers in Milan only.
  • Spain – 60+ servers in Madrid only.
  • Portugal – 20+ servers in Lisbon only.
  • Mexico – 10+ servers in location not specified (most likely Mexico City)
  • Brazil – 20+ servers in São Paulo only
  • India – 30+ servers in 2 cities – Chennai and Mumbai

And then here’s the other servers offered, by region:

South America:

  • Argentina – 20+ servers in location not specified (most likely Buenos Aires)
  • Costa Rica – servers in San Jose
  • Chile – servers in Santiago


  • Albania – servers in Tirana
  • Austria – 33 servers in Vienna
  • Belgium – servers in Brussels
  • Bosnia – servers in unknown location (likely Sarajevo)
  • Bulgaria – servers in Sofia
  • Croatia – servers in unknown location (likely Zagreb)
  • Cyprus – servers in unknown location (likely Limassol or Nicosia)
  • Czech Republic – servers in Prague
  • Denmark – 70+ servers in Copenhagen
  • Estonia – servers in unknown location (likely Tallinn)
  • Finland – 60+ servers in Helsinki
  • Greece – servers in Athens
  • Georgia – server location not specified (likely Tbilisi)
  • Hungary – servers in Budapest
  • Iceland – servers in Reykjavik
  • Ireland – 50+ servers in Dublin
  • Latvia – servers in location not specified (likely Riga)
  • Lithuania – servers in location not specified (likely Vilnius)
  • Luxembourg – servers in Steinsel
  • Moldova – servers in location not specified (likely Chișinău)
  • Netherlands – 200+ servers in Amsterdam
  • North Macedonia – servers in location not specified (likely Skopje)
  • Norway – 60+ servers in Oslo
  • Poland – 70+ servers in Warsaw
  • Romania – servers in Bucharest
  • Serbia – servers in location not specified (likely Belgrade)
  • Slovakia – servers in Bratislava
  • Slovenia – servers in location not specified (likely Ljubljana)
  • Sweden – 140+ servers in Stockholm
  • Switzerland – 100+ servers in Zurich
  • Ukraine – 20+ servers in Kyiv


  • Singapore – 110+ servers in Singapore
  • Japan – 80+ servers in Tokyo
  • Hong Kong – 70+ servers in Hong Kong
  • Taiwan – 120+ servers in Taipei
  • Vietnam – 10+ servers in Hanoi
  • Indonesia – 3 servers in Jakarta
  • Malaysia – servers in Kuala Lumpur
  • South Korea – 10+ servers in Seoul
  • Thailand – 7 servers in Bangkok

Africa & Middle East:

  • South Africa – 50+ servers in Johannesburg
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE) – 5 servers in Dubai
  • Israel – servers in Tel Aviv
  • Turkey – 8 servers in Istanbul

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Where Does NordVPN NOT Have Servers?

Sometimes it’s easier to look at where a VPN doesn’t have servers, to see the few exceptions where they don’t cover a major country you might expect them to.

Here is a list of major countries where NordVPN currently does NOT have servers:

  • Europe – excellent coverage. I could only find some really small countries like Monaco, Lichtenstein, Andorra and Montenegro missing from the server list. Everywhere else covered.
  • Russia (removed in 2022, may be reinstated at some point)
  • China
  • Pakistan
  • Almost all African countries. Only South Africa is covered, nowhere else. Poor coverage here.
  • Most middle eastern countries (Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman etc). Only UAE is covered.
  • Far East – Cambodia, Philippines, Myanmar not covered.
  • Americas – Uruguay, Peru, Paraguay, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Cuba, Caribbean not covered.

In general, NordVPN has excellent server choice in North and Central America, Europe and Commonwealth countries. Coverage is much poorer in Africa, and the Middle East. Russia, China and Pakistan servers are also not available with NordVPN.

NordVPN vs Other VPNs For Server Choice

NordVPN is somewhere in the middle of the pack in the VPN market for pure choice of countries and locations. There are VPN’s with more choice, but VPN’s with less choice as well in terms of countries. However, in terms of actual server choice within their available locations, NordVPN are one of the best, with nearly 6,000 servers to choose from in total.

Therefore, for any particular country you pick (especially major countries like USA, UK, main European countries), you are likely to be able to choose from a large selection of servers in that country and location.

This can be especially useful when trying to access streaming services, where if one server doesn’t work, you’ve got plenty of others you can try in the same city/country, to try and get it to work.

In other words, NordVPN has a decent country choice, but very good server choice within those countries.

Here’s how NordVPN stacks up compared to some other well known Premium VPN services:

VPN Server Choice Comparison (links are affiliate links)

ProviderPrice (12 months paid in advance)Number of countries offeredNumber of Servers OfferedMain Benefits
ZoogVPN$2.994170+Cheap price
AtlasVPN$3.29/month34750Cheap price
TurboVPN$5/month4821,000Server choice
Le VPN$5/month77120+Good country choice
ExpressVPN$8/month94160+Best country choice
ProtonVPN$4/8/month (Basic/Plus)631700+Reputable brand
Private Internet Access$3.33/month8410,000Value for money
NordVPN$5/month605400+Reputable brand.

*Flash deals and offers are very common, so you may often find a better deal than the one listed for many providers

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If you’re looking for a VPN with more countries covered, then ExpressVPN, Private Internet Access or Le VPN are good options.

If you’re looking for a more basic, no nonsense VPN with less countries covered, but that’s cheaper, then AtlasVPN is a good option.

If you’re looking for a VPN that offers more server choice within the countries that are offered, then NordVPN is one of the better ones, but Private Internet Access offers more, as does TurboVPN (but they offer less countries).


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