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Wifi Mesh Systems are a product currently being sought after a lot in Australia and New Zealand, so we wanted to produce an article specifically for that market detailing how customers can compare and get hold of some different mesh systems online.

For Australian customers, there are a decent selection of wifi mesh systems now available on the Amazon Australia store. For New Zealand visitors, the situation is a little more tricky, since Amazon Australia don’t ship to New Zealand; however, there are still some models available from the Amazon.com store that are eligible for shipping to New Zealand.

New Zealand customers are often better going through Amazon’s Global Store, since this will in theory notify the shopper in advance of products which are and are not eligible for shipping there and display any shipping charges upfront. We will go through each country in turn, detailing product availability and shipping options.

Wifi Mesh Systems in Brief

We assume that most people browsing this article already know what a wifi mesh system is; however we will briefly go over how they work for people who are newly interested in the technology.

Wifi Mesh Systems consist of a kit of two or three nodes or pods, which are placed strategically around the house to boost wifi coverage more consistently around the home for better reception and more access to the available bandwidth in rooms further away from the router.

The idea here is to ensure a smooth experience browsing and streaming in all parts of the home, especially in larger houses where there may be signal weak spots and deadzones the further you get from the router.

This is an extremely brief overview of how mesh systems work. For a demonstration of one being installed and tested, see the video below. Let’s look at the availability of some mesh systems in both Australia and New Zealand.

Mesh System in Australia

Unfortunately, due to a new ruling that came into affect on July 1, 2018 to comply with Australian GST laws, Australians are now no longer allowed to purchases products from the international Amazon sites. They will instead be routed back to the Amazon AU site only.

However, upon searching, we found that almost all of the mesh systems on our products page are now available on the Amazon Australia store. Our globalized link system will take you to an exact matching product or related search results for all product links on our mesh systems page.

Different mesh system kits are available for each brand depending on the size of the home you want to cover. For bigger homes, the three pod kits are recommended to spread the signal to more parts of the house. Here is an example of an Orbi Mesh System.

Netgear Orbi 2 Pod Mesh System


The Netgear Orbi RBK40 Mesh System is an entry level kit which will spread reliable wireless coverage for an average 4 bed, 2 floor property up to 3000 sq ft. Click here to view the model on Amazon. See our Mesh System page for links and product reviews for more brands and models of mesh systems which can cover larger properties.

Mesh Systems in New Zealand

For shoppers in New Zealand, unfortunately Amazon Australia do not ship by default to New Zealand. It would seem logical to offer shipping to their antipodean neighbours; however at the moment Kiwi shoppers are frozen out, at least for official Amazon products.

In this sense, New Zealand shoppers may be better off going to the amazon.com Global Store, which has a large range of mesh systems which are eligible for shipping to New Zealand. Estimated shipping rates and times are usually given up front as well on the Global Store to avoid any confusion.

However, there are some independent vendors selling their products through Amazon AU who may offer shipping to New Zealand on some of the products we link to.

For this reason we have put choice pages on some of our links so Kiwi visitors can choose between the Australian and USA stores to compare prices and shipping rates. In reality in many cases it appears the main amazon.com store offers the best prices anyway, even with delivery taken into account.

Powerline Adapters as a Potential Alternative

We should mention though that Wifi Mesh Systems are often expensive pieces of kit in their own right, coming in at several hundred dollars at least, with delivery charges and tariffs often bumping the price up even further.

Therefore, before buying them, it is important to make sure they are definitely the networking solution you need. In some cases, for example, the much cheaper solution of a powerline adapter can do the job of extending connectivity to different parts of the home.

Powerline adapters consist of a pair of adapter plugs, one of which is plugged in and connected to your router, the other of which is plugged in and connected to your device. The two adapters then communicate through the electrical wiring of the house to deliver a wired internet connection to wherever you want in the home.

How a Powerline Adapter Works

TP Link TL-PA 4010 Kit Nano Powerline Adapter

TheTP Link Nano TL-PA4010 Kit model is an entry level, best selling no nonsense powerline adapter model with just one ethernet port and no passthrough. Click here to view on Amazon. It will provide a solid, wired ethernet connection to your router using the existing electrical wiring of your house. See our full review of the product and our Powerline Adapters page. Our Product Comparison Table compares all the wired and wireless powerline adapter models at a glance by feature and functionality.


They are also excellent home networking solutions, and are often much cheaper than mesh systems. They can be ideal if you only want to extend connectivity to one or a few particular rooms for wired devices like games consoles and streaming devices. They will also work in the majority of houses, as long as the wiring allows.

Wireless powerline adapters are also available, which create a new cloned wifi access point at the receiving end, for users who also want to connect smaller devices like tablets which only use wifi. These can be a good alternative to extend wifi coverage to more remote parts of the home.

See our article comparing mesh systems to powerline adapters for more on this. Mesh systems might be preferable for really large homes where you need to extend coverage to all parts, or if you just prefer wifi to wired connections. Powerline adapters can be great for gaming and other activities where need the strongest possible connection.

It is a good idea to compare both types of product to make sure you don’t fork out for a wifi mesh system when you could have got the connectivity you wanted with a much cheaper powerline adapter model.

Our Product Comparison Table puts all the wired and wireless powerline adapter models side by side and compares them by feature and functionality, so you can get the product you need if you decide to go down this route. See also our page on mesh systems to view different makes and models, with reviews for each.

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