Quick Product Comparison Table

Here is a comparison table of the main TP Link products we promote on this site so you can see the features of each product quickly at a glance and get the one that best suits your needs.

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TP Link ModelMaximum Data Transfer Speed (Megabits per second)Number of Ethernet PortsPassthrough - You Won't Lose a Plug SocketWireless Functionality
TL-PA4010 Kit600mbps1No
TL-PA4016P-Kit600mbps1Yes - 1 end only for UK version - 1 end only (UK)No
TL-PA7010 Kit1000mbps1NoNo
TL-PA7020 Kit1000mbps2NoNo
TL-PA9020P-Kit2000mbps over 2 Ports2YesNo
TL-PA8030P-Kit1200mbps over 3 Ports3YesNo
TL-WPA850RE N300300mbps1NoYes
TL-WPA4220 Kit600mbps (Wired)
300mbps (Wireless)
TL-WPA4226 Kit600mbps (Wired)
300mbps (Wireless)
2Yes - at 1 end - at 1 endYes
TL-WPA8630 Kit Dual Band1200mbps (Wired)
300mbps (2.4GHz Wireless)
870mbps (5GHz Wireless
3Yes - at 1 end - at 1 endYes
TL-WPA8630P-Kit Dual Band1200mbps (Wired)
300mbps (2.4GHz Wireless)
870mbps (5GHz Wireless)