Want To Buy This Blog? (For Sale)

I am currently in the process of selling all of my commercial blogs and starting fresh with some new sites and new ideas. This is my biggest traffic and earnings blog, but I’m still selling it, along with a few others, and will consider reasonable offers, to start on new projects

You can contact me for more in depth figures and analytics, but based on current traffic and earnings, offers would need to be at least $12,000 to be considered. I can sell either through direct transfer (I’ve already sold one blog via this method with no issues and the buyer can vouch for trustworthiness), or via a broker such as Flippa (price will be higher in this case to account for fees).

But I do not mislead people, and for full disclosure, this site has been hit hard with the Google updates of the last year, so traffic and earnings have fallen.

Here are some recent downsides to this blog:

  • As with many smaller blogs, the loss of featured snippets at the top of search results, which has taken traffic off us and given it back to bigger sites. They may come back in a future update, but for now they’re gone.
  • Algo updates have also reduced North American traffic, which is the most valuable. Therefore overall EMPV as well as earnings have fallen a lot the last year.

That said, because of the sheer amount of content on the site, it still draws in a lot of traffic and decent earnings, although not what they were 1-2 years ago.

Here are some positive to the site:

  • Almost 1000 published posts on the site, so traffic is diversified across topics, and also countries (as well as several hundred English language posts, there are articles translated in German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian which draws in lots of traffic, even though EPMV is lower).
  • Still draws in well over 50,000 sessions/pageviews per month.

And then some “low hanging fruit” – easy opportunities to boost traffic and earnings I haven’t had chance to take advantage of because I’m too busy with too many sites, or not suited to it:

  • YouTube – biggest opportunity in my opinion – virtually no YouTube video uploaded as not good at video. HUGE opening to create video versions of best blog posts and draw in loads of traffic from YouTube (niche is well suited to YouTube as well).
  • EEAT – Is very useful to network in the IT/Tech niche and do link exchanges/interviews/podcasts with other bloggers in this space. Very good to built expertise/authoritativeness/trust for the site to improve rankings.
  • Loads of networking/gaming problem solving topics and keywords I haven’t had chance to write on.
  • Affiliate is very basic so far – mostly Amazon, which is very low at present. Loads of room to diversify and optimize this with more programs for tech product retailers, ISPs, VPNs.
  • Because of translated content, there’s also traffic from lots of countries (France/Germany/Italy etc), where affiliate recommendations can be further optimized.
  • Reviews – virtually no product reviews as focused more on information and troubleshooting. Loads of room to review powerline/extender/mesh products for more affiliate income.

These are some of the potential opportunities for someone with fresh energy and a different perspective to exploit taking over this blog. It’s been hit hard the last year, but still has huge potential, especially for someone who wants to use YouTube, as I’ve focused only on blog posts.

I’m selling almost everything to streamline and focus again, so if you’re interested to know more, get in touch via the contact form on our Contact page, and I’d be happy to discuss with you further.