ZoogVPN Server List (Premium & Free)

ZoogVPN are a slightly lesser known but very well priced VPN provider based in Greece, with an excellent set of features and some good streaming support on their Premium version.

But for interested readers, we’ll given an exact current list of free and premium servers they offer. Here’s a summary:

ZoogVPN offer 70+ unlimited Premium server locations in 41 countries, and 5 free server locations with a 10 GB monthly data cap.

Now let’s cover both free and premium in more detail.

ZoogVPN Premium Servers

Here are the current locations they have servers on paid plans:

  • United States (10 locations) – Washington, Chicago, Dallas 1, Dallas 2, Buffalo, Miami, New York 1, New York 2, Los Angeles, San Francisco
  • United Kingdom (3 locations) – London 1, London 2, London 3
  • Canada – Montreal, Vancouver
  • Australia – Sydney
  • New Zealand – Auckland
  • South Africa – Johannesburg
  • Belgium – Brussels
  • Denmark – Copenhagen
  • Spain – Madrid
  • Finland – Helsinki
  • France – Paris
  • Hong Kong
  • Ireland – Dublin
  • Netherlands – Amsterdam 1, Amsterdam 2, Alkmaar
  • Norway – Oslo
  • Japan – Tokyo 1, Tokyo 2
  • Poland – Warsaw
  • Singapore – Singapore 1, Singapore 2
  • Israel – Tel Aviv
  • Austria – Vienna
  • Italy – Milan, Rome
  • Switzerland – Zurich
  • Sweden – Stockholm
  • Ukraine – Kyiv, Mykolayiv
  • Turkey – Istanbul, Bursa
  • Mexico – Mexico City
  • South Korea – Seoul 1, Seoul 2
  • Greece – Athens
  • Brazil – Sao Paolo
  • Thailand – Bangkok
  • Philippines – Manila
  • India – Delhi, Mumbai
  • Germany – Dusseldorf 1, Dusseldorf 2, Frankfurt 1, Frankfurt 2
  • Portugal – Lisbon
  • Indonesia – Jakarta
  • Argentina – Buenos Aires
  • Taiwan – Taipei
  • Vietnam – Hanoi
  • Pakistan – Karachi
  • Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur
  • Russia – Moscow, St Petersburg

ZoogVPN Premium Server Features

Here are some benefits and features you’ll get by using the free servers as opposed to the free ones we’ll cover just below:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited devices
  • Zero logs
  • Unlimited P2P
  • 256-bit encryption
  • All features
  • Widespread streaming support (20+ Netflix regions, plus other services as well). Works especially well with US Netflix.

Click here to check out Premium plans and pricing for ZoogVPN

Specifically regarding speeds, the free servers seemed perfectly fine when I tried them, but there are some more in depth reviews that claim the Premium server network can be unreliable when tested over time.

ZoogVPN Free Servers

ZoogVPN also offer a very generous free version of their service, with servers in 5 locations:

  • Washington, USA
  • London, UK
  • Singapore
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Dusseldorf, Germany

Here are some features of the free servers:

  • No credit card or other payment details needed, just an email address.
  • 10 GB monthly data
  • One device allowed
  • Zero logs
  • Limited P2P support
  • Little or no streaming support
  • 128-bit encryption
  • There are ads on the free version.

Click here to find out more about ZoogVPN’s free version, and sign up

Do ZoogVPN Servers Work For Streaming?

ZoogVPN list streaming support for Premium servers specifically on their website for many streaming platforms:

  • 20+ local Netflix libraries, including the US
  • YouTube
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Hulu
  • ESPN+
  • Disney+
  • Vudu
  • ITV Hub (UK)
  • HBO Now
  • Amazon Prime Video

This is only for their Premium servers though; their free servers don’t offer streaming support, with the possible exception of Singapore (see here for more on this).

Most of the reviews back this streaming support list up; however there is one reviews that claims their Premium servers don’t work for BBC iPlayer. However, there’s a 7 day money back guarantee if you do run into any problems.

ZoogVPN vs Other VPNs For Server Choice

ZoogVPN are a more basic, no nonsense, stripped down VPN provider, with an average server selection, but their pricing is also much more attractive than many other VPNs.

ProviderPrice (12 months paid in advance)Number of countries offeredNumber of Servers OfferedMain Benefits
AtlasVPN$3.29/month34750Cheap price
ZoogVPN$2.99/month4170+Cheap price
TurboVPN$5/month4821,000Server choice
Hide.me$5/month46160+Free version available
ExpressVPN$8/month94160+Best country choice
ProtonVPN$6/month (Basic/Plus)631700+Reputable brand
Private Internet Access$3.33/month8410,000Value for money
NordVPN$5/month605400+Reputable brand.


Their server selection is nowhere near the top end VPN’s and is mid-lower range, with just the main countries you’d expect (ZoogVPN do offer some more rare countries that are harder to find with other VPNs though, like Russia and Pakistan)

But not everyone needs servers in 100+ countries, or loads of extra features. ZoogVPN just offer a stripped down, simple to use VPN (the interface is really uncluttered and non-invasive), with a basic server selection, that can be great for first time VPN users if you just want to get up and running with a cheap VPN. The pricing is pretty much the best on the market.

Here’s a bottom line selection criteria:

  • Cost – AtlasVPN or ZoogVPN
  • Interface/Ease of Use – ZoogVPN
  • Streaming Servers – ExpressVPN (ZoogVPN still decent as well)
  • Server Choice – ExpressVPN or Private Internet Access.

ZoogVPN Pricing

Their excellent free version if worth trying out to see what you think, but if you want to upgrade, the Premium plans are very well priced:

  • 1 month – $9.99/month
  • 1 year – $2.99/month
  • 2 years – $1.99/month (plus 3 free months)

Click here to check out Premium plans and pricing for ZoogVPN


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