A Full List of AtlasVPN Server Locations

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AtlasVPN are a relative newcomer to the VPN market, but where exactly do they have servers, and how do they compare to other VPN’s in terms of server choice?

AtlasVPN currently have 750 servers in 42 countries worldwide, with a specific emphasis on North America and Europe. They have a much smaller presence in Asia and South America, and almost no servers at all in Africa or the Middle East.

In other words, AtlasVPN are more limited than some other VPN services in terms of country and server choice. They have focused their core business and North America and Europe, with less emphasis than other VPNs on providing servers in every part of the world.

This need not be a bad thing, because not every VPN user needs servers in every country, plus their more basic server model allows them to offer much cheaper plans than some other VPN providers.

Let’s look at AtlasVPN’s server structure in more detail.

AtlasVPN Full Server List

Here’s a full list of server locations for AtlasVPN:

North America:

  • USA – 7 locations (New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, New Jersey, Phoenix, Las Vegas – Streaming Supported)
  • Canada – Montreal (Streaming Supported)
  • Mexico – Mexico City


  • UK – London (Streaming Supported)
  • Ireland – Dublin
  • Albania – Tirana
  • Austria – Vienna
  • Belgium – Brussels (Streaming Supported)
  • Bulgaria – Sofia
  • Czech Republic – Prague
  • Denmark – Copenhagen
  • Estonia – Tallinn
  • Finland – Helsinki
  • France – Paris (Streaming Supported)
  • Germany – Frankfurt (Streaming Supported)
  • Hungary – Budapest
  • Italy – Milan (Streaming Supported)
  • Latvia – Riga
  • Netherlands – Amsterdam (Streaming Supported)
  • Norway – Oslo
  • Poland – Warsaw
  • Portugal – Lisbon
  • Romania – Bucharest
  • Serbia – Belgrade
  • Slovakia – Bratislava
  • Spain – Madrid (Streaming Supported)
  • Sweden – Stockholm (Streaming Supported)
  • Switzerland – Zürich


  • Hong Kong – Hong Kong
  • India – Chennai (Streaming Supported)
  • Japan – Tokyo (Streaming Supported)
  • Singapore – Singapore (Streaming Supported)
  • United Arab Emirates – Dubai


  • Australia – Sydney (Streaming Supported)
  • New Zealand – Auckland

South America:

  • Argentina – Buenos Aires
  • Brazil – São Paolo
  • Chile – Santiago

Which AtlasVPN Servers Work For Streaming?

We understand that many VPN users are wanting the software specifically to access streaming services, so let’s pull out of the full list above only the servers that currently support access to streaming services in that country:

  • All USA locations (New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, New Jersey, Phoenix, Las Vegas)
  • Canada – Montreal
  • UK – London
  • Australia – Sydney
  • Belgium – Brussels
  • France – Paris
  • Germany – Frankfurt
  • Italy – Milan
  • Netherlands – Amsterdam (Premium servers only)
  • Spain – Madrid
  • Sweden – Stockholm
  • India – Chennai
  • Japan – Tokyo
  • Singapore – Singapore

All the other AtlasVPN countries/servers unfortunately do not support streaming at the current time.

Does AtlasVPN Have Any Free Servers?

AtlasVPN does offer a more basic free service, with 3 servers locations:

  • Netherlands (Amsterdam)
  • USA East (New York)
  • USA West (Los Angeles)

As you can see, their free servers however do NOT support streaming on Netflix or other such services; you need the paid version for that.

However, on the positive side, use of their free servers is totally unrestricted and unlimited.

See here for more on downloading the free version of AtlasVPN.

Where Does AltasVPN NOT Have Servers?

It’s fair to say that AtlasVPN is currently a more stripped down VPN service in terms of countries offered, compared to other VPN’s which offer more countries and locations. They are also newer into the VPN market, and still expanding.

However AtlasVPN are also a lot cheaper than other VPNs, and not everyone needs servers in 100+ countries.

However, here are some notable countries where AtlasVPN currently does NOT have servers (this may change in the future):

  • Central America – Only Mexico covered. All other countries (Costa Rica, Cuba, Nicaragua, Caribbean etc) are not.
  • South America – Only Argentina, Brazil and Chile covered. All other countries in the region (Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela etc) not covered at present.
  • Europe – Mostly well covered, but some countries like Russia, Iceland, Cyprus, Malta, Montenegro, Slovenia, Macedonia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania are not covered.
  • Middle East – Very poor coverage – only UAE covered. All others like Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman etc. are not covered.
  • Asia – Some notable Asian countries without AtlasVPN servers are China, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, South Korea, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan.
  • Africa – Not covered at all. Zero servers in any African country at present.

I’ll try to keep these lists up to date as more servers are added.

Comparing AtlasVPN Server Choice to Other VPNs

Let’s put AtlasVPN’s choice of countries and servers side by side with some other well known Premium VPN services, so you can compare them side by side.

ProviderPrice (12 months paid in advance)Number of countries offeredNumber of Servers OfferedMain Benefits
ZoogVPN$2.994170+Cheap price
AtlasVPN$3.29/month34750Cheap price
TurboVPN$5/month4821,000Server choice
Le VPN$5/month77120+Good country choice
ExpressVPN$8/month94160+Best country choice
ProtonVPN$4/8/month (Basic/Plus)631700+Reputable brand
Private Internet Access$3.33/month8410,000Value for money
NordVPN$5/month605400+Reputable brand.

Overall, AtlasVPN’s Premium version doesn’t offer as many servers and locations as some other paid VPN services, but many users don’t need that. If you want more countries and servers with a different VPN, you can get them, but you’ll often be paying considerably more. If you just want a more stripped down, cheaper VPN service, with just the main core countries that you’d expect servers in, then AtlasVPN can be perfect for you.

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