Where Are ProtonVPN Servers Located? (Free & Premium Covered)

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ProtonVPN is a long standing, well known VPN provider based in Switzerland, with a strong commitment to privacy. It’s gained a lot of trust in the VPN market, but where exactly does it currently offer servers to it’s users?

ProtonVPN Premium currently offer 1700+ servers in 63 countries, with the USA, Europe and The Far East particularly well covered. The USA is particularly well represented, with servers in 15 different cities, and they also offer free, unlimited servers in 3 locations – Netherlands, USA and Japan.

Therefore ProtonVPN is pretty much in the middle of the pack in the VPN market when it comes to country and server choice – there are VPNs that offer more and ones that offer much less as well. As with all Premium VPNs though, they cover the US market extensively, and one great bonus of ProtonVPN is their excellent free version also offers a very generous server selection and un-metered use. It’s one of the best free VPNs available.

However, let’s give a complete overview of the ProtonVPN service, covering all Premium countries and servers offered on the different tiers of paid plan, before looking at the free version, and then also at where ProtonVPN doesn’t have servers at the moment.

A Breakdown Of ProtonVPN Server And Location Choice in All Countries

Now we’ve explained the different types of Premium servers, let’s give a full list of server countries and cities offered by ProtonVPN on their paid plans.

We’ll list all 63 countries together to make things easier; when a location is ONLY available on the Plus Plan, we’ll indicate this, so you know what plan you’ll need. But the initial numbers quoted are for the Basic Plan, unless otherwise stated:

* – denotes a country only available on the more expensive Plus Plan

  • USA – 91+ servers in 14 cities – Ashburn (VA) Atlanta (GA), Chicago (IL), Dallas (TX), Denver (CO), Los Angeles (CA), Miami (FL), New York (NY), Phoenix (AZ), Salt Lake City (UT), San Jose (CA), Secaucus (NJ), Seattle (WA – Plus Plan only), Washington DC. 370+ servers on Plus Plan
  • UK – 12 servers in London and Manchester (44 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Canada – 12 servers in 3 cities – Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto (36 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Australia – 11 servers in 4 cities – Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane (21 severs on Plus Plan)
  • New Zealand – 6 servers in Auckland only.
  • France – 13 servers in Paris only (56 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Germany – 19 servers in 2 cities – Berlin and Frankfurt (67 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Italy – 6 servers in Milan only (10 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Spain –5 servers in Madrid only (16 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Portugal – 3 servers in Lisbon only (5 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Mexico – 3 servers in Chiapas only (5 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Brazil – 4 servers in São Paulo only (16 servers on Plus Plan)
  • India – 3 servers in 2 cities – Pune and Mumbai (7 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Russia – 7 servers in St Petersburg (9 servers on Plus Plan)

And then here’s the other servers offered, by region:

South America:

  • Argentina – 3 servers in Buenos Aires (5 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Colombia – 3 servers in Bogota (5 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Costa Rica – 1 server in San José (3 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Chile – 3 servers in Santiago (5 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Peru – 3 servers in Lima (5 servers on Plus Plan)
  • *Puerto Rico – 8 servers in San Juan (available on Plus Plan ONLY)*


  • Austria – 6 servers in Vienna (10 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Belgium – 5 servers in Brussels (11 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Bulgaria – 2 servers in Sofia (6 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Cyprus – 1 server in Limassol (3 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Czech Republic – 5 servers in Prague (7 on Plus Plan)
  • Denmark – 6 servers in Copenhagen (10 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Estonia – 3 servers Tallinn (5 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Finland – 1 server in Helsinki (11 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Greece – 3 servers in Athens (5 servers on Plus Plan)
  • *Georgia –  6 servers in Tbilisi (available on Plus Plan ONLY)*
  • Hungary – 4 servers in Budapest (8 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Iceland –  4 servers in Reykjavik (5 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Ireland – 4 servers in Dublin (8 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Latvia – 3 servers in Riga (5 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Lithuania – 3 servers in Vilnius (5 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Luxembourg – 4 servers in Luxembourg City (8 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Moldova – 3 servers in Chișinău (5 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Netherlands – 21 servers in Amsterdam, Steenbergen and Rotterdam (75 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Norway – 6 servers in Oslo (14 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Poland – 6 servers in Warsaw (10 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Romania – 3 servers in Bucharest (7 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Serbia – 3 servers in Belgrade (5 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Slovakia – 3 servers in Bratislava (5 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Slovenia – 3 servers in Ljubljana (5 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Sweden – 8 servers in Stockholm (13 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Switzerland – 4 servers in Zurich (9 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Ukraine – 3 servers in Kyiv (5 servers on Plus Plan)


  • *Cambodia – 8 servers in Phnom Penh (available on Plus Plan ONLY)*
  • Singapore – 14 servers in Singapore (38 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Japan – 9 servers in Tokyo and Osaka (19 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Hong Kong – 7 servers in Hong Kong (15 servers on Plus Plan)
  • *Philippines – 8 servers in Manila (available on Plus Plan ONLY)*
  • Taiwan – 3 servers in Taichung City (Taipei servers also available on Plus Plan ONLY)
  • *Vietnam – 8 servers in Hanoi (available on Plus Plan ONLY)*
  • Malaysia – 3 servers in Johor Bahru (5 servers on Plus Plan)
  • *South Korea – 8 servers in Seoul (available on Plus Plan ONLY)
  • *Thailand – 8 servers in Bangkok (available on Plus Plan ONLY)*

Africa & Middle East:

  • *Egypt – 8 servers in Cairo (available on Plus Plan ONLY)*
  • *Nigeria – 5 servers in Abuja (available on Plus Plan ONLY)*
  • South Africa – 3 servers in Johannesburg (9 servers on Plus Plan)
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE) – 4 servers in Dubai (8 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Israel – 2 servers in Petah Tikva (6 servers on Plus Plan)
  • Turkey – 3 servers in Istanbul (5 servers on Plus Plan)

Which ProtonVPN Servers Are Only Available On The Plus Plan?

For ease of use and clarity, let’s pull out the “Plus Plan” only servers from the full list above, and show them separately.

The following ProtonVPN server locations are ONLY available if you subscribe to the more expensive ($/€ 8/month) Plus Plan:

  • USA – Seattle, WA server only (all others included on Basic Plan)
  • Puerto Rico – San Juan
  • Georgia – Tbilisi
  • Cambodia – Phnom Penh
  • Philippines – Manila
  • Vietnam – Hanoi
  • South Korea – Seoul
  • Thailand – Bangkok
  • Egypt – Cairo
  • Nigeria – Abuja

The common pattern here is The Far East and Africa. If you want servers here, or you want to access streaming services, then you often need to upgrade to the Plus Plan. The rest of the world is very well covered under the cheaper ($/€ 4/month) Basic Plan, although upgrading to the Plus Plan gives you more servers in every location.

Where Are ProtonVPN Free Servers Located?

ProtonVPN are primarily a Premium VPN service offering servers in around 60 countries, but they also have a free version of their product that offers 134 servers in 3 countries:

  • USA (Las Vegas, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, LA, Seattle, Miami, Newark, San Jose) – 40+ free servers.
  • Netherlands (Amsterdam) – 79 free servers
  • Japan (Tokyo) – 8 free servers

These servers are quite basic; they aren’t as fast as the Premium servers and they don’t support, P2P, Torrent or accessing geo-restricted streaming services. They’re also not individually listed by location – see here for a full full breakdown of which free servers to select to get each location.

However, here are the main benefits of ProtonVPN’s free version:

  • Totally unlimited use
  • Strict no logs policy.
  • Fast, reliable servers. Even the free version has always worked well when I’ve used it. Plenty fast enough to stream YouTube for example.
  • Based in Switzerland with a strong commitment to privacy (like their ProtonMail service).
  • Even the free version looks, feels and operates like a proper VPN service (it’s not a browser add-on – it’s a full on proper VPN software)
  • You can upgrade to the Premium version with more countries/servers for a very competitive price

Click here to get started with ProtonVPN, and select their Free Plan.

It’s a legitimate VPN service, where you download their software and load it up, select your server and go. It covers all browsers you use and is not just built into one browser, so you get comprehensive protection once you enable it.

Where Does ProtonVPN NOT Have Servers?

Sometimes it’s easier to look at where a VPN doesn’t have servers, to see the few exceptions where they don’t cover a major country you might expect them to.

Here is a list of major countries where ProtonVPN currently does NOT have servers:

  • Europe – excellent coverage. I could only find a few countries like Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Monaco, Lichtenstein, Andorra, Macedonia and Montenegro missing from the server list. Everywhere else covered.
  • China
  • Pakistan
  • Iran
  • Almost all African countries. Only South Africa (Basic) and Nigeria and Egypt (Plus Plan) are covered, nowhere else in Africa. Poor coverage here.
  • Most middle eastern countries (Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman etc). Only UAE and Israel are covered.
  • Far East –  Myanmar, Laos, Indonesia not covered. Quite a few other countries are also only available on the Plus Plan (see section above).
  • Americas – Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Cuba, Caribbean (except Puerto Rico) not covered.

In general, ProtonVPN has excellent server choice in North America, Europe, Commonwealth countries and South East Asia on the Plus Plan. Coverage is much poorer in Africa, and the Middle East. Iran, China and Pakistan servers are also not available with ProtonVPN.

ProtonVPN vs Other VPNs For Server Choice

ProtonVPN stands pretty much in the middle of the pack in the VPN market in terms of the countries and servers offered. There are Premium VPN’s that offer less countries, and also ones that offer more countries.

The tiered plan pricing system is a little confusing if honest, but the bottom line is that if you want to access streaming services, or have servers in most South East Asian/African countries, you will need the more expensive Plus Plan. If you want a more basic VPN, then the cheaper Basic Plan is fine.

Here’s how ProtonVPN compares to other VPNs for country and server choice:

ProviderPrice (12 months paid in advance)Number of countries offeredNumber of Servers OfferedMain Benefits
ZoogVPN$2.994170+Cheap price
AtlasVPN$3.29/month34750Cheap price
TurboVPN$5/month4821,000Server choice
Le VPN$5/month77120+Good country choice
ExpressVPN$8/month94160+Best country choice
ProtonVPN$4/8/month (Basic/Plus)631700+Reputable brand
Private Internet Access$3.33/month8410,000Value for money
NordVPN$5/month605400+Reputable brand.

*Flash deals and offers are very common, so you may often find a better deal than the one listed for many providers

If you’re looking for a VPN with more countries covered, then ExpressVPN, Private Internet Access or Le VPN are good options.

If you’re looking for a more basic, no nonsense VPN with less countries covered, but that’s cheaper, then AtlasVPN is a good option.

If you’re looking for a VPN that offers more server choice within the countries that are offered, then NordVPN is one of the better ones, but Private Internet Access offers more, as does TurboVPN (but they offer less countries).


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